Writing for 30 days challenge

Writing for 30 days

Can you do it? 

Quite by happenstance, I found myself writing at the beginning of  this year. 

I did not set a new years resolution to write more. 

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On New Years day, I did get inspired to create a few R packages. I have a feeling I will need some tools like this in the near future, so I started putting the basics together to use later. 

Then I found something odd. 

It involves three different tools, so I thought others might have seen something similar I wrote about it and posted it here. Then the next day, I wrote about my little package so I could send it out to a few people to take a look at.

After posting that I realized I had just written every day this year. 2 for 2, but still it's 100% :) 

I looked through some of my draft unpublished posts I have started over the years.

I have 50 posts unpublished.

So, I updated one, revised it, finished it, and published it.

That was Yesterday.

Day 3.

Here I go, I am going to publish something at least once a day till the end of January. I will be going through all of my drafts and cleaning them out. Some will be deleted, others will be updated, but at the end of the 30 days I will post how many of my drafts I have left.

I have always attempted to keep this blog relevant to data type topics, or at least professional topics.

In order to write every day for 30 days I will bend this guideline I have set for myself a bit.

I will write at least a paragraph, sometimes even longer. But I want this to be more than a tweet, or a facebook post. I may not always say something insightful, data related, professional, but I will write and publish a post for all to see every day for 30 days.

I encourage you to write as well.

P writing blue
P writing blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


LinkedIN, Facebook, these are both great platforms for topical comments about work or play.

YOU write something. If you never post on Facebook, hold your breath, bite your tongue and write "Hello World!" on Facebook.

Even a small Verse of a paragraph is a start.

Maybe something you say will start a conversation.

 You never know.

In the immortal words of Robin Williams: "What will your verse be?"

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