Brand yourself

What is your brand?

When you introduce yourself to others, what do they remember? 

Is it your eyes, your smile, the color of your shirt? 

How do you introduce yourself?

If you are like me you could go on for hours about your accomplishments or what are good at. 

No one will remember you droning on and on about the problems you have solved, or your years of expertise on a topic.

What they will remember is something distinctive.

Darwinian evolution  shows us that those individuals that have some distinctive feature, and are able to pass that feature on to their offspring, will eventually dominate an environmental niche.

In the job market, or even when networking, some simple distinctive feature that differentiates you from your competition, or others in your environment will keep you on someones mind longer.

This distinctive feature should be consistent. Every time you go to an event it should be with you.

Just as Colonel Sanders always wore his distinctive white suit and bow tie, and Alice Cooper always had his grubby looking jacket, you need to have something with you. Whether it be an item of clothing, or a phrase, or a mannerism.

These are the things that people will associate with you. For good or Ill.

Find your distinction, and embrace it.

For me, I am the data guy.

Do I work with computers, yes? Can I fix your printer, sure? Can I build a web-site, or other application, of course?

However, my forte, the thing that I do best is to work with data.

I am the data guy.

I can optimize, organize, backup, restore, safeguard, and analyze data in a variety of ways.

I was a DBA (Data base administrator), Data Warehouse Architect, Data Architect, and even Hadoop engineer.

All these things, evolve and change over time. The data that is important to our organization will always need to be put into the right peoples hands at the right time, and in the right format.

I am the data guy.

How can I help you?

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