Are you just keeping the lights on?

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Shine the light on your data!

Data Management can mostly a "keep the lights on" activity.

However, with some imagination, intuition and innovation, you can do more than just keep the lights on. You can shine a light on new opportunities.

When you are creating a MVP, or even as you rush through the process of your back-log to meet the needs of your customer requests, you may or may not actually have time to have someone spend some time with the data your application is generating.

There may be another way to look at this data.

Whether it be as a Graph, or a data mart, or even some specialized visualization and story telling. Some people with a focus on data products should have access to this data and be given the time to shine a new light on what could be done.

If you have a huge back-log to create reports  for your application, it may be time to look at a re-organizing the data to make it easy for some self-service reporting for some people.

If you have some time of data sequencing process, perhaps that should be loaded into a graph tool for graph analysis.

In the rush to meet the demands of our immediate customers, we should be looking downstream and asking ourselves what do tomorrows customers need? What should we be doing today to prepare for them?

What insights can I get from my data to prepare me for the next product my organization needs to build?

Where do you shine the light?


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