We Start with Data


I was in an application development meeting that needs some operational reports. 

The application is still under development, so no data is being stored for any length of time in the various development and testing environments. 

The reports are designed to show activity throughout the life-cycle of using the application. 

No proper usage data exists. 

As we were pointing this out to the team, someone said: "Well, data is always the last thing we worry about when building an application." 

This is why I am the data guy

A data guy (or girl) always starts with data. 

We can design your structures so they are optimized for writing, or reading, or storage, or updates. 

We can make it easier to report on (Dimensional modeling)

We can do longitudinal analysis looking for patterns. 

We can do query optimization to make give you results quicker than you have seen in the past. 

We can do many things. 

However, we have to have Data to do it. 

If you have data, I can tell you something interesting about it. 

If you have no data, I can tell tell you exactly what the data says - 


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