What to do about data overload

Data Overload

Some time ago I wrote a blog about data overload.

Sinking of the OceanosHere are some ways to help address data overload.

1) Don't confuse a backup system as a reporting system.

    A full backup of your production data is needed for recover and safekeeping purposes, do not confuse this repository with a reporting platform. A reporting platform should limit the data that it keeps to the data that supports the key performance indicators for your enterprise.

2) All of the data for your key performance indicators should be mapped to the originating system.
    This is all part of your Meta-Data. For any metric you make any significant decisions with it should be clear where the data came from. 

3) Data should be optimized for reporting.

   A Data Mart using a proper dimensional model allows for rapid, isolated reporting and analysis 

4) Data should be centralized, yet distributed easily.

   This may seem like a contradiction, but if you have an analytics platform where your data is cleansed, transformed and aligned with key business entities, this data can and should be distributed throughout the organization to make it easy for business users to use with tools they are familiar with.

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