When Startups fail: Moving forward with Lessons learned.

Startup Adventures

There are a few people that can call themselves serial entrepreneurs because they have started a few ventures.

I think there are many more people that could call themselves serial entrepreneurs even though the startups they participated in did not take off.

There are many reasons why a startup does not take off.

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Very few startups I have worked with have failed because we did NOT have a product or technology behind the sales force. We had tools that worked, but market force, timing or just a lousy economy sometimes cause startups to fail.

How do you emphasize the positive work done in this kind of environment?

Demonstrate your understanding of the companies goals, value proposition, and the components of the strategy you were contributing.

Chances are you had some ideas for ways in which something could be done better. During an interview, or talk about your failed startup focus on how you were able to provide for some solutions, and how those solutions may fit into a new organization.

Perhaps, one day I will write a post about all of the startups I have been involved in.

Some of them were great ideas that the market was not ready for, some where lack-luster ideas, some where ideas that ran out of money before we could build the technology.

A few of these "startups" were really just con-men trying to get something for nothing.

Those are the ones that I have the most negative memories.

The Startups I worked with that were innovative, challenging, and that set out to make a big difference with technology were fun to work with.

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