Writing challenge update 2

20 days so far...

I had some interesting ideas that I had started to write about. 

Photograph of a statue of an ape, examining a ...
Photograph of a statue of an ape, examining a human skull. Writing on the book on the right - "Darwin", writing on bottom - "Darwin's ideas" (in Hebrew). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I should have completed those articles some time ago. 

Most of these things I had actually forgotten about. 

Writing every day, is forcing me to hit the publish button and not weight for the article to be "perfect". 

Adhering to that standard, I don't think anything would ever be finished. 

I want to at least make my ideas clear, concise, and out for all the world to see. 

Some of my ideas may be good, some may be silly. 

But nevertheless I will put them out there. 

Do you find anything I have written useful? 

Have you written?

Did you write today?

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