Meetup with some new people.

Meet new people. 

Earlier I wrote about Learning New things , and I hope that you have picked up a new book or two to learn something new. 
Bucharest RoWikipedia Meetup 2007-08-04d
Now that you have learned something, why not take the new found knowledge and share it with others? 

Meetup is an online social networking site with the goal of taking social networking offline. 

This sounds counter intuitive, but ultimately it works quite well. 

Humans have evolved to be social creatures. Even us introverts enjoy the occasional get together with others. 

I have attended Meetups in a few different cities, and even if I am not a regular attendee of the meetings I usually get the opportunity to both learn something, as well as share something I know with a new friend. 

For example, I relocated a few years ago to near the Cincinnati, OH area (Technically I live in Kentucky, but it is very close to the city of Cincinnati). was a great way to meet people new people. 

I was able to get to know the technology landscape here in my new adopted home as well as meet some other new people outside the technology world I call home. 

Meetup has a variety of categories, and there is sure to be something for everyone. If you can't find a local meetup with a topic you find interesting, Create one! 

Chances are if you are inteterested in something, then others around you may be interested as well. Create a meetup and get to know other people around you. 

"Hi" is a dull word, but that's how some of the most interesting things get started.

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  1. I attribute a great deal of my current skill set to the Cinci Meetup groups. It would otherwise have been difficult to get motivated to learn R (I was hanging out with SAS all day at that time). Thanks for your participation in these, Doug. I think these do a lot to make the city great!