Predictive Analytics World New York 2016 Supercharging with Ensemble Models.

The Wisdom of Crowds
The Wisdom of Crowds (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dean Abbott taught this class on Ensemble models.

One of the in class demonstrations was an example from The Wisdom of Crowds. He passed around a bottle with some cereal in it. Everyone guessed, and then he averaged the guesses.

Two people were closer than the true answer, but an Ensemble model (An average of all of our individual guesses based on our internal model of the bottle and the size of the cereal.)

There were also hands-on demonstrations with Salford Systems predictive modeler. You can find out more about the tool at this link

Dean is a thorough instructor, and clearly could educate all of us on the various ways of doing predictive modeling.

English: A manually drawn decision tree diagra...
He talked about Logistic and Linear regression, decision trees, random forests, and how to combine these specific models with various options as an Ensemble model.

He touched just briefly on deep-learning.

I look forward to hearing from him again, I think every time I would be able to hear from him I would learn something new.

Dean recommended to read his book: Applied Predictive Analytics Principles I look forward to starting to read this on the flight back.

It has been an exciting time in New York. Whenever I attend these conferences, and workshops I always feel like the more I learn, the less I know.

I did take a few pictures, and made a few tweets about one day speaking at a future event. I think I have a lot to learn to be on par with these speakers.

Continuous learning is the key to expertise.

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  1. Conferences always remind you of how much you still have to learn. They are a wonderful way to pique creativity, inspiration, and continued education.