Predictive Analytics World New York 2016 Day 2

Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Day 2 kicked off with a bang.

John Elder speaking about the way we think and perceive solving problems. Daniel Kahneman's concept of System 1 thinking versus System 2 thinking applies to predictive analytics because many times our System 1 thinking can overwhelm our System 2 thinking.

The excellent book Fast and Slow thinking by Kahneman is a great overview of these concepts.

Dean Abbot and Karl Rexler followed up the great kick-off with a Question and Answer session. A couple of the more interesting questions were:

"How do you merge Analysis frameworks with Agile Frameworks?" (Answer: It's hard)


"Should Data Science report to business units trying to solve a problem, or Information Technology departments where the same resources can be shared and leveraged across the organization?" (Answer: It depends on your organization and support for Data Science.)

Pasha Roberts gave an amazing overview of Talent Analytics approach to understand workforce movement and flow of employees through an organization. Agent based models, Markov-chains and directed Graphs were the details of how to solve this problem. I was on cloud 9 it is so refreshing to hear about applications of these techniques to solving business problems. Most people I speak to about these techniques I lose quickly. :)

A few more vendor presentations, and some Q&A sessions as well as talks on Design thinking and graph analysis of food recommendations rounded out the rest of the day.

Tomorrow is more workshops. I will be attending the workshop by Dean Abbott on Ensemble Models.

New York has been a great trip, it is always a great experience to spend time with professional peers that are wrestling with some of the same problems and challenges.

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