Predictive Analytics World New York 2016 pre-workshop

English: A principal Component Analysis Exampl...
English: A principal Component Analysis Example with air quality data available with R Français : Un exemple d'Analyse en Composante Pricipale avec les données de la qualité de l'air disponibles dans R (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I am in New York City attending the Predictive Analytics World conference.

Max Kuhn is the speaker at the first session I attended "R for Predictive Modeling: A hands-On Introduction".

Max is a great speaker, and very knowledgeable about the topic. He has loads of experience in doing predictive modeling.

Every time I attend a course like this one, I learn that there is so much more I have to learn.

We covered details of topics covering
Principal component analysis, Feature selection, exploratory data analysis.

Various regression capabilities.

Many of the topics he covered he provided links to other blog posts, and github presentations that he has done it before.

These sessions are always fascinating seeing the variety of ways in which Predictive Analytics is used in many different environments.

I was able to speak to a few folks about the ways in which they are applying predictive analytics, and I look forward to more sessions as the conference proper kicks off tomorrow morning.

Most of the tracks on my schedule for tomorrow are all around uplift modeling I look forward to learning more both about how that works, and how to apply it.

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