What is an Enrichment Platform?

An Enrichment Platform:  

The place for Knowledge workers. 

In my book the Enrichment Game, available from Technics Publications, I write about the players, processes, tools and techniques to create an Enrichment Platform for knowledge workers to create data products. 

The book is available from Technics Publications

While I wrote about what an Enrichment Platform could do, I never properly defined what an Enrichment Platform actually is. 

An Enrichment Platform will be different things to meet different needs. However, the essence of an Enrichment Platform will always be consistent. 

  • Separate your operational data from your analytical and reporting data. 
  • Provide for easily accessible tools to create reports that are not created by application developers. 
  • Knowledge workers like Data Scientists have the tools they are familiar with to create new data products. 
  • Data Operations are managing the flow of data throughout the organization. 
  • Data Governance rules define how and where data is used. 

An Enrichment Platform looks like this: 

An Enrichment Platform

The Value proposition of the Enrichment Platform consists of: 

  • Focusing Application Developers on creating, maintaining, or updating existing products. 
  • Focusing Data Flows through a common organization. 
  • Focuses Data Scientists to be able to work with high quality data. 
  • Increasing Innovation, and reducing the time to new data products. 

This focus gives your organization the ability to adapt to change while having a stable, reliable, and repeatable environment for the knowledge workers to be able to make your organization more innovative.