Data Strategy, but no Spark Strategy, how cute.

I see blogs, and blogs, and articles, and presentations, and Slideshares on creating a Big Data Strategy.  How does "it" (usually Hadoop) fit into your organization, who should get access, who should "it", so many questions, comments and opinions.

Guess what?

Your data is growing.

And growing.

If you use a Graph to analyze the data flows in your organization, chances are you will see ways to cut cost, and consolidate architectural components.

Bring things together and store them in one location.


Now what?

What tools do you use to analyze it?

You want to do the same thing you have always done?


Send two people in your organization to the upcoming Spark Summit. Let them show you there is a better way.

Spark is not just a new tool.

It is a new Path.


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